A meeting was held with members of the Goygol region local commission.

  A meeting was organized in Goygol district according to the meeting decision of the State Commission for Combating Drug Addiction and Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics

  in order to further strengthen and ensure the continuity of propaganda and awareness-raising activities, to study the implementation status of the evaluation of the implemented measures.

  At the event, reports on the work done in connection with the implementation of the tasks set during the relevant period were heard, discussions were held in the direction of further strengthening and ensuring the continuation of propaganda and awareness-raising activities, taking timely preventative measures against drug addicts, and organizing coordination activities with the mutual cooperation of institutions operating in this field and the necessary methodical recommendations and assistance were provided.

  At the same time, the Working Group of the State Commission presented booklets for prevention of non-medical consumption of narcotic substances, identification of people who abuse narcotics and psychotropic substances, as well as promotional materials on electronic media.

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