Training was held at Agsu Youth Development and Career Center

   A training was held at the Agsu representative office of the Youth Development and Career Center in accordance with the Action Plan signed between the permanent Working Group of the State Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics and the Youth Fund.

  In order to increase the knowledge and professionalism of the volunteers on the problem of drug addiction, an employee of the Working Group spoke at the training and gave the participants extensive information about the risk factors of drug use, the properties of psychoactive substances and their harmful effects on health, the stages of the formation of drug addiction, the importance of anti-narcotic propaganda, and the methods of combating drug addiction and discussions were held around the questions that interested the participants.

  At the end, the participants of the event were presented with certificates and a booklet end "Methodical recommendations to help identify people who abuse narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances" and other necessary propaganda materials prepared by the permanent Working Group of the State Commission.

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