An educational event against drug addiction was held in the penitentiary institution № 2 of the Ministry of Justice Penitentiary Service

 An educational event on the fight against drug addiction was organized in penitentiary institution № 2 within the framework of the implementation of the Action Plan jointly signed between the Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice and the Permanent Working Group of the State Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and Illegal Trafficking in Narcotics.

 The deputy head of the Working Group of the State Commission, an employee of the General Anti-Narcotics Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a sector manager of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, a doctor-narcologist of the Republican Narcology Center of the Ministry of Health, an employee of the Department of Organization of Educational Work of the Ministry of Justice and Penitentiary Service participated in the event.

  At the meeting, detailed information was given  on the prevention of drug-related crimes, at the same time, the destructive effect of drugs on the human body, the social evils it causes and the role of the state in organizing the fight in this direction, the rehabilitation and reintegration of drug-affected convicts into society, and the spread of AIDS and a number of infectious diseases.

   In the end, necessary educational printed products made in a new form and style were distributed by the Working Group of the State Commission.

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