"Let"s think about our future together"

  On March 16, an event was held on the theme "Let"s think about our future together" at the Sabunchu District Youth House in accordance with the Joint Action Plan for 2023 of the Central Office of the New Azerbaijan Party (YAP), "Azerbaijan Television and Radio Broadcasting" Closed Joint Stock Company and the State Commission for Combating Drug Addiction and Illegal Trafficking.

  First, the dear memory of the great leader Heydar Aliyev and our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the liberation of our lands from occupation, as well as those who died as a result of a natural disaster in brother Turkey, was commemorated with a minute"s silence.

   Araz Khudadanov, chairman of YAP Sabunchu district organization, who opened the event with his opening speech, said that the fight against drug addiction is one of the necessary conditions for the formation of a healthy society. According to him, the scourge of drug addiction causes incurable complications in human life. That"s why young people should stay away from this problem and pay special attention to education in order to become a worthy member of the society.

   Zakiya Musayeva-Deputy Head of the Department of Gender Policy and Youth Affairs of the YAP Central Office, said that the fight against drug addiction and its prevention is not only an important issue, but also one of the most important factors in the development of healthy youth. In order for young people to stay away from harmful habits, educational activities should be of a continuous nature. He noted that the great leader Heydar Aliyev always wanted to see the youth of Azerbaijan strong and healthy. Currently, President Ilham Aliyev is successfully continuing the policy defined by the Great Leader in this direction.

   First Deputy Head of Sabunchu District Executive Power, Chairman of the Commission for Combating Drug Addiction and Illegal Trafficking of Narcotic Drugs operating under the head of the District Executive Power Guloglan Mammadov spoke about the consequences of drug addiction and provided information about the measures implemented in this area in the district.

   Rovshan Karimli, a doctor-narcologist of the Republican Narcology Center of the Ministry of Health, spoke in detail about the harm caused by drugs to human health. He urged the youth to stay away from this trouble.

   Ragif Allahverdiyev, head of the National Information Sector of the Permanent Working Group of the State Commission for Combating Drug Addiction and Illegal Trafficking of Narcotics, said in his speech that educational work is the most powerful tool in the fight against drug addiction. He presented the statistical data on the combat measures implemented in this area. According to him a special place is given to issues of education in the "2019-2024 State Program on Illegal Trafficking of Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances and Their Precursors and Combating Drug Addiction".

   Kamil Yagubov, head of Sabunchu District Youth House, called on young people to spend their free time efficiently and stay away from harmful habits.

   In the end, the documentary film "Black Fates" organized by the support of the Youth Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the organization of the "CAVAN" Youth Movement Public Union was shown. The film talks about the severe effects of drug addiction on human life.


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